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Our Produce


With all the produce that we use at the counter.  Be it food or wine we try to showcase how amazing mother nature is, and let the flavours of each item speak for themselves.


We have sourced the best products the British Isles has to offer, and make sure were using them at there Peak for the best flavour.
Being in the Garden of England we really make the most of this with Kentish Asparagus, Apples, Berries, Sussex Cream and dairy, Our fish is caught of Rye harbour.

  • Our fish is caught out of Rye harbour, using small nets and lines

  • Our meat is sources from , the South west and various estates across the country

  • Fruit and vegetables are all based and used around the English Seasons, using local farms as much as we can. 

  • For every piece of produce we use we  try to source from as close to home as possible.

Our Produce: Press
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